Our Story

While serving as C.F.O. for the Illinois Lottery, Christian Froelich was introduced to the murky world of lottery accounting. Completely frustrated with the industry’s inability to track the sale of individual instant tickets, he began thinking about how to solve the problem.

Initially, the answer seemed simple. If a lottery wants every ticket counted, then every ticket must be scanned when sold. That way, a lottery can activate individual tickets upon sale. So the initial concept was simply to install a bar code scanner at each lottery retailer. The problem is, this won’t work. A player and a checkout clerk could partner, identify winning tickets before activating them, and then only activate and purchase winning tickets.

Christian realized the problem with the solution was the people. He wondered if it was possible to remove them from the transaction.

This was how LottBox came to be.

During his early work on the LottBox system, Christian realized that by confronting the accounting problem, he was also unlocking a door to a new sales channel that lotteries had been trying to open for years – the checkout lane.

With its patented LottBox system, The Froelich Group provides worldwide lotteries and their retailers and players with the infrastructure necessary to get the most out of their instant lottery games.

The Froelich Group is a “small footprint” company comprised of a team of specialists all working toward the common goal of getting LottBox in every lane in every chain.

Meet the Team

Christian Froelich

Founder & CEO


Christian founded The Froelich Group in 2016 and devotes all of his time to growing the business.

Prior to founding the Froelich Group, Christian served as C.F.O. of the Illinois Lottery. While there, Christian was able to observe all of the problems inherent in legacy lottery systems while surmising how an improved system would work.

Prior to that, Christian founded and operated a residential real estate development company, served the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago in a number of different finance roles and worked in private equity during the .com boom… and bust.

Christian has an M.B.A. (finance & accounting) from Loyola University Chicago and a received his undergraduate degree from Lake Forest College.

Cezar “Cid” Froelich

Legal Counsel


Cid is a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent-Rated lawyer who helps clients resolve corporate finance and securities, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and gaming-related matters.

Cid often draws from his extensive experience working in the boardrooms as both a lawyer and director of various small and large privately-held and publicly-traded companies when advising his clients. Cid has advised the State of New York, multiple Massachusetts cities, large gaming organizations and institutional investors in connection with gaming matters.

Cid’s comprehensive knowledge of corporate securities and gaming law and insider’s perspective about corporate governance issues are among the reasons why he has been named a lawyer of the year by best lawyers in America for gaming since 2006 and has been honored by Illinois Super Lawyers for many years.

Cid received his J.D. from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and received his undergraduate degree from Loyola University Chicago.

Keith Knohl



Throughout his career in information technology, systems and software development, Keith has had a knack for turning ideas into working models and advancing concepts past theory into the unknown.

Keith’s corporate professionalism combines with his background in high-stakes startups to create someone who knows how to apply the right mix of patience and aggressiveness.

A closet entrepreneur, regardless of whether Keith is running his own business or helping others with theirs, Keith constantly has his eye on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Keith has an M.B.A. from DePaul University and a B.A. from Monmouth College.

Troy Livingston

Product Design


Troy is an inventor and engineer with over 45 years of innovation experience and more than 50 patents to his credit.

Troy’s inventions can be found in over 400 products across nearly every industry. Among other innovations, Troy invented and was issued patents for substantial components and methods embedded in modern automated teller machines (ATMs).

Troy’s background working with data bridges, raw hardware/software solutions and the ATM, lends itself perfectly to engineering LottBox. As a result, within a few minutes Troy and Christian were able to design the LottBox prototype.

Troy has a degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University.

Dan Livingston



With Livingston Products since 2012, Dan previously devoted the majority of his time to overseeing manufacturing and distribution of the company’s consumer product; FreedomTrax.

More recently, Dan has been busy developing the hardware necessary to make LottBox a reality. A tinkerer with a 3-D printing “farm,” Dan prides himself on being able to make anything. The last of a dying breed in our country, Dan has been instrumental in the development and refinement of LottBox.

Dan has a B.S. from Colorado State University.

James Pinson



As a manufacturing and software engineer at Motorola, Jim not only developed new and innovative software but also designed the systems to test it.

Since LottBox is basically a testing device for instant tickets, Jim’s involvement was highly sought after. Jim understands how to look for inconsistencies and more importantly, how to identify a fake. Jim’s background in soup-to-nuts production for large electronics companies makes him a welcome member of the team.

Jim has an M.B.A. from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and a B.A. in physics from McMurry University.